Statement on unprecedented number of workshop applications

We are looking forward to seeing many of you this coming week at the Annual National Meeting in Salem, MA. This year an unprecedented number of workshop submissions were received indicating the increased level of engagement in the Green Party. Unfortunately it also meant a number of submissions could not be accommodated into the tight schedule. This included a number of submissions categorized by the review committee as “strategy” and passed on for review by the Steering Committee sub committee. About a dozen of those workshops could not be accommodated but due to a miscommunication those individuals were not notified in a timely manner. Below is the email now being sent to them individually.

This email is to notify you that your workshop was not accepted for the Annual National Meeting (ANM) and to clarify the process. We appreciate the time and thought that went into your submission. We apologize for the delay in communicating with you.

The process for selecting and developing content for the ANM is in two parts. The workshop proposals are submitted to a sub group of the ANM committee. Criteria and format are outlined in the call for submissions. The workshop portion of the ANM takes place during the day on Thursday and Friday.The steering committee is responsible for planning Saturday and three hours on Sunday.

Historically this division was done because the workshops are for educating, organizing and skill sharing by rank and file Greens for rank and file Greens, unlike the deliberative national committee sessions and committee work that was done over the weekend. Things have changed now that all voting is on line.

Also, historically there was a dearth of workshop submissions so the committee had to work hard to provide more content. Not this year. 70 submissions came in, which was very exciting but with half the amount of slots there had to be a more careful selection process. Only half of the submissions could be accommodated.

With no official business conducted on site, the Steering Committee (SC) working group who worked on the ANM schedule opened up time on Saturday for a few panels, a keynote and workshops. This year the focus was on strategy as it is a pre-presidential year and we anticipate a challenging environment with President Trump running for re-election.

The ANM committee categorized submissions and batched all the ones they viewed as strategy or were titled strategy and passed 13 of those on to the SC working group for review. The SC also took responsibility for finding speakers and, as was agreed upon last year, set aside a full morning (Sat) for anti-oppression work through the Diversity Committee. Preference was given to the three committees that are or will play a strategic role leading up to 2020 – Ballot Access, Presidential Campaign Support Committee and Coordinated Campaign Committee. There was not enough space in the day and a half to include the workshop submissions. After discussion with the ANM committee, it is clear the SC was responsible for designating someone to contact you to let you know that unfortunately space was not available.

The ANM committee and the SC working group were sensitive to the perception around the numerous presidential candidates who had submitted proposals and would be attending the meeting. It was decided that no candidate would be given an individual presentation time slot on the Sat/Sun agenda. There are candidates who were included in panel submissions, so if that panel was accepted, it would only be offered a Thursday or Friday time slot.

GPUS Steering Committee
GPUS Annual Meeting Committee